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Wednesday, October 24

iPhone Meets Pink Floyd

By The VAR Guy 1 comment

Let’s put aside the channel for a few minutes and reminisce about lost youth. Rewind to the summer of 1986. The VAR Guy was a high school punk busing tables at a local seafood joint. He finally saved enough money — about $400 — to buy the hottest consumer electronics item on the market: a CD player. Next up, he ran to the local record store to purchase his first CD: Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon. It was digital nirvana. Ironically, this very story repeated itself today in Santa Clara — but this time with Apple’s iPhone. Here’s what happened.


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Friday, October 19

The VAR Guy’s Next Move

By The VAR Guy No comments

The VAR Guy will be blogging live from the MuniWireless 2007: Silicon Valley conference, October 21-23 at the Santa Clara Marriott. With any luck, he’ll sneak away from the event and catch a few rides at the Great America theme park. When he’s not busy hanging out at the conference, he’ll be cutting the line for the Top Gun rollercoaster. For the full effect, he prefers to ride the coaster barefoot while screaming in a foreign language. Take a look…


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Thursday, October 18

Landmark Day for Desktop Linux

By The VAR Guy 5 comments

When the history of desktop Linux is written, open source pundits will likely point to October 18, 2007, as an historic date. Although most of the desktop industry is gearing up for Apple’s Leopard upgrade and Microsoft’s Windows Vista Service Pack 1, a small but significant Linux product launch — occurring today — could eventually bring open source to the masses.


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Wednesday, October 17

Who Is The VAR Guy?

By The VAR Guy 3 comments

It’s a question we get asked all the time: Who is the VAR Guy? Unfortunately, we don’t have a firm answer for you. The true identity of TechIQ’s top blogger does, indeed, remain a mystery to even our staff.



Is Dell Down or Up?

By The VAR Guy No comments

You gotta love financial analysts and tech journalists. They have a way of making brave predictions based on distorted information. A case in point: Fortune is telling readers to “Pick Up Some Dell [Stock] While It’s Down.” The headline ranks among the most misleading statements The VAR Guy has read this year. Here’s why.


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Tuesday, October 16

Novell Still Needs to Open Wider

By The VAR Guy 2 comments

Novell has made yet another push into the small business market with a server and desktop suite. It’s a worthwhile effort, but The VAR Guy thinks Novell will need to bundle in more third-party solutions for the suite to gain traction for customers.


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Monday, October 15

Cisco, Microsoft: Heck of a Battle

By The VAR Guy No comments

Forgive The VAR Guy for hyping the unified communications battle between Cisco and Microsoft. But it’s fun to throw two titans into a ring and let them trade blows — over and over again. This time around, a few stealth Cisco watchers point to the networking giant’s special financing programs for unified communication partners.


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Friday, October 12

10 Reasons BEA Should Accept Oracle Takeover

By The VAR Guy 7 comments

Okay, folks. The VAR Guy finally had some time to think about Oracle’s proposed $6.7 billion takeover of BEA Systems. Here are 10 reasons why BEA Systems should say yes to the deal.


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