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Monday, November 12

Four Reasons IBM Spent $5 Billion on Cognos

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The VAR Guy is usually skeptical of software acquisitions. But IBM’s $5 billion buyout of Cognos, the business intelligence specialist, makes perfect sense. Here are four reasons why the pending deal, announced today, is a good fit for IBM.


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Friday, October 12

10 Reasons BEA Should Accept Oracle Takeover

By The VAR Guy 7 comments

Okay, folks. The VAR Guy finally had some time to think about Oracle’s proposed $6.7 billion takeover of BEA Systems. Here are 10 reasons why BEA Systems should say yes to the deal.


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Sunday, October 7

Business Intelligence Companies: Objects of Desire

By The VAR Guy 4 comments

Another business intelligence specialist has been acquired, and this time Oracle wasn’t the company opening its wallet. It’s time for Business Objects to say goodbye to its independence. The buyer is SAP AG. The big question: What does the deal mean for Cognos, MicroStrategy and SAS — three of the larger business intelligence companies that remain independent.


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Tuesday, May 15

Can SAP Give Novell A Lift?

By The VAR Guy 1 comment

If you read The VAR Guy regularly (doesn’t everyone?), you know that he isn’t exactly bullish on Novell. However, he has to give Novell some praise today for bolstering the company’s relationship with SAP.


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Monday, April 23

Cisco Calls In Reinforcements Against Microsoft

By The VAR Guy 6 comments

Cisco Systems is showing no mercy in the unified communications market. CEO John Chambers wants to bury Microsoft and Nortel. Now, he’s calling on a massive software partner to help knock out the competition.


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Tuesday, April 10

Will Open Source “Rescue” Microsoft?

By The VAR Guy 2 comments

Instead of killing Microsoft, open source could make the company stronger. Has The VAR Guy lost his mind with this thesis? Absolutely not. In fact, the software giant recently tried to join the Open Solutions Alliance, which includes roughly a dozen open source companies, The VAR Guy hears. What’s Microsoft up to? The potential answer involves Windows Longhorn.


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Tuesday, March 13

Novell: Two Steps in the Right Direction

By The VAR Guy No comments

The VAR Guy has taken some shots at Novell over the years. Having written about the company since 1992, he hasn’t been upbeat about Novell’s prospects since, um, the arrival of NetWare 4 more than a decade ago. But two Novell-related developments caught his attention today.


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