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Monday, September 10

Parallels for Mac Tops 650,000 Licenses

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As you may have read, The VAR Guy is mulling another PC purchase. He’s trying to decide between an iMac and a Dell PC running Ubuntu. Yes, he knows about Parallels — the virtualization software that allows Macs to run Mac OS, Windows and Linux on the same system. But he had no idea how popular Parallels had become.


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Monday, May 14

Hell Freezes Over: Windows Now Pre-loaded on Macintosh Hardware

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The other shoe has finally dropped. When Apple transitioned its hardware to Intel processors, many pundits wondered when Macintoshes would come pre-loaded with Windows. Well, Apple still isn’t ready to make that move. But a big IT distributor is.


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Tuesday, April 3

Hackers Target Apple

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Many of us in the Mac community — The VAR Guy included — became Apple customers because we grew tired of Windows viruses, bugs and security flaws. But is Mac OS X truly more secure than Windows? Or do hackers target Windows more frequently only because of its immense market share? We may get some answers at an upcoming security conference.


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