Thursday, July 26

Real Estate Nomads March Toward Tech Market

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The VAR Guy spoke with Switchvox CEO Joshua Stephens today about his company. But the conversation quickly switched from open source PBX telephony systems to hiring talent. Stephens is swamped with resumes from a growing group of nomads.

“I’m getting flooded with resumes from former real estate agents, mortgage brokers — just about anyone in the real estate industry,” says Stephens.

The VAR Guy is hardly surprised. Some of his relatives are in the real estate vertical, where prospectors race in during the booms and run away during the busts. The VAR Guy respects the real estate profession but there’s one trait in the industry he never understood: Those scary photos on real estate agents’ business cards.

Imagine if the guys in your server closet started putting their photos on their business cards. Maybe we can meet half-way: Everyone please use Avatars instead of real photos.

Oh, back to the subject at hand: Switchvox has 15 employees, up from about 6 a few months ago. Stephens is looking to hire more pros. His firm specializes in Asterisk-based telephony solutions. Hot market. Cool technology. Sounds intriguing. Check in with the company at

The VAR Guy would submit his resume. But what would the document possibly say? Perhaps something like this:

  • Experience: Anonymous, opinionated blogger who hacks TechIQ’s web site and posts content for free. Seeking position that allows him to sleep days, write in the evenings and crash major technology events for the free food. Eager to skip mandatory company meetings and miss firm deadlines. Tireless work ethic if position involves new technology or shaking up the establishment. Anonymous, underground references available. Education: Some

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  1. Thats good news for agents that want to stay in the business. Also for consumers, the less flaky agents the better.

    Boring Oregon Real Estate - Guy, December 23rd, 2007 at 1:49 am #

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