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Apple iPhone Connects With CRM Reseller

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Apple’s iPhone may be a consumer device, but the smart phone is catching on with some hosted application providers. A case in point: Some employees at Skyytek Corp. (a VAR) are using iPhones to access NetSuite’s hosted applications. So far, Skyytek sounds very impressed.

Full disclosure: Skyytek is a NetSuite partner, so the company has a vested interest to speak positively about hosted applications.

Still, Skyytek could have remained mum about its experiences using the iPhone to access NetSuite services. The company describes the experience in this quick overview. The document includes a list of pros and cons related to the iPhone. Nice to see some VARs pointing out a few of the iPhone’s limitations.

If Skyytek is any indication, the iPhone will emerge as a business tool event as Apple focuses mainly on the consumer market.

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  1. […] Other online application providers have embraced the iPhone as well. For instance, Skyytek is using the iPhone to access NetSuite applications. […]

    TechIQ » Archive » iPhone Connects Again With Business, November 9th, 2007 at 10:16 am #

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