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Seagate Moves Into Managed Storage

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As The VAR Guy pointed out in his December 8 blog, EVault is a managed storage provider that hopes to get real big real fast. Those plans accelerated today, when Seagate announced plans to acquire EVault.

The move is a potential win-win for both companies. Acquiring EVault allows Seagate to push quickly into managed services. And joining Seagate gives EVault economies of scale that the company didn’t have on its own.

What does the deal mean for solutions providers? The VAR Guy reached out to Seagate for comment. But Seagate executives were meeting with EVault employees as the VAR Guy wrote this.

A Seagate spokesman offered the following perspective: Seagate is focused on areas adjacent to its core business, specifically storage services, and new and alternative storage technologies. For EVault, the primary customer segment is the SMB market. “This customer segment has the greatest need and is the most underserved market for remote backup solutions,” the spokesman asserted.

What’s the upshot? “We intend to leverage our channel partners in expanding this business,” the spokesman said. “Seagate and EVault’s combined network of authorized VARs will be the primary vehicle for SMB customers to purchase these services.”

Sounds tempting. Stay tuned.

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  2. great

    tip, June 27th, 2007 at 9:32 pm #
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